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I just want to tell whoever that will read this that the things and the views you will read in here are subjective and purely based on personal experience.

You can just call me Eliza. I am 23 years old and currently residing in London. I met my boyfriend Mark at work. He is the mysterious type of guy, quiet, reserved, and oftentimes snobbish. He is brilliant and a very upright worker but he is unpopular at work. People are apprehensive in approaching him because they think he is arrogant. Anyway, I later found out that he had reasons for acting like that.

Mark had a very difficult time during his teen years. He is the butt of every “small dick” joke with his friends (I personally found this out when we were just dating). Because of that, he began losing his confidence in himself. He became anxious in meeting up people and making friends in fear that those new friends would just add up to those people making fun of him because of the size of his equipment. He even admitted that his last two girlfriends humiliated him further by letting everybody know that he is less of a man because of his lack in size.

Anyway, I will admit that his lack in size certainly meant less sexual stimulation before (in addition mainly to lack of confidence). My fear is that I may be too “loose” for him. As a result, I often faked a lot of orgasm to spare his pride. Then one time, when I was browsing on the net, I came across

Mark is very skeptical in the effectiveness of penis enlargement plans and products having tried some and never getting the result he wanted. Fastsize just seemed to be another “useless” penis enlargement scam. However, I was persistent in reasoning that at least it is different from all those pumps, pills, and the so-called natural penis stretching exercise regimens. Moreover, it will not involve surgery. In the end, after a month of endless persuasions and debates over effectiveness and price, Mark conceded.

Now, after four months of using Fastsize-Extender, his size has increased to 16 cm. I’m confident to say that we never regretted it. It added a whole new zest in our sex life. Mark became more confident, more eager and more fervent in pleasuring me.

This is not intended to be promotional material but can use this if they like. Besides, I just want to share my experience with Fastsize.

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