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How Does Penis Enlargement Work...Really

So, How does penis enlargement work? Well, the human body is cleverly engineered to adapt under pressure. The penis traction device uses this amazing ability to your advantage. By applying a constant stress over the length of the penis, through penis stretching, weights or penis enlargement devices the penis's growth function is powerfully triggered. Your body, to adapt and adjust to this new force, begins to grow bulky, new tissue cells. For you, this will mean an enormous increase in both the length and girth of your penis!

Penis Enlargement WORKS because the body has an amazing ability to adapt and adjust to external stresses. 

This fact is verified by how the body responds to the stress of exercise- it builds larger muscles to adapt to the extra stress...And, since the penis is part of this adaptive body system, it responds to proper external stresses by...what?... enlarging- of course!

NOTE: ! Remember that although the penis is made up of plain muscular fibers1, it cannot be built like you bicep (if it could, you'd be in the gym right now!) However, like the bicep, it will respond and adapt to the proper external stress.

Contemporary Orthopedic surgery uses the principle of traction to lengthen fingers or legs and also to cover tissue defects of the face. For centuries, this principle of traction has also been used to enlarge different parts of the body - the necks of the Giraffe women in Birmania, or the lips and ears of other African tribes who attach weights for elongation.

Penis Anatomy Revisited:

Remember from our previous article that the main erectile tissue of the penis is called the Corpus Cavernosum (figure 1). And, a closer look at Corpus Cavernosum (corpa cavernous for plural) reveals that it is actually composed of sponge-like cavernous spaces. These spaces are filled with blood during an erection and are separated by bands of fibromuscular tissue called trabeculae1 (figure 2).

In actuality, the root of the penis lies several inches inside of the body (figure 3). You can feel this "extra" penis in between the scrotum and the anus, when you have an erection. The penis root is attached to the fascia and the pubic rami and is bound to the front of the pubic bone by the fundiform and suspensory ligaments1 (figure 4). Together they form a strong fibrous band that hold the entire penis (internal and external) in place. This connective band is pliable, although not elastic.

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Figure 1. Internal Structure of the Penis


Figure 2. Magnified picture of the Corpus Cavernosum; the "spaces" are separated by trabeculae


Figure 3. Illustrates the external AND the internal parts of the penis


Figure 4. Male Reproductive System Cross-section showing suspensory ligaments


The Mechanics:

There are three major penile points of penis enlargement:

  • Mechanism #1-The Corpus Cavernosum Penis

    By expanding and stretching the walls of the corpus cavernosum cavities through blood movement or by creating a vacuum, the capacity of the erectile caverns is increased yielding gains in THICKNESS

    Jelqing uses this mechanism, although it is not the most effective method, it is the most popular because it's free! Advance methods use both jelq-like exercises and non-jelq exercises to powerfully trigger your body to increase the size of your penis. Sites that offer advanced penis enlargement exercises include: Penis-Health or PenisDevelopment.

  • Mechanism #2- The fundiform ligament and suspensory ligament

    By stretching the suspensory ligaments through manual stretching exercises, stretching devices, vacuum suction or weights, more penis length is created by "pulling" more of the inner penis external.


  • Mechanism #3- Cause the body to produce more cells in the penis

    Continuous external stress along the length of the penis will trigger the body's natural cell response. Over time this not only creates more length, but also girth.

    Performing advanced exercises for a long period of time can cause the body to begin producing cells in the penis. Unfortunately, you'd have to exercise for a few hours a day to significantly produce this mechanism fast. But who has the time to perform hand-exercises all day?!

    Penis devices actually do the work for you, keeping you hands free to do other things. Sites that offer penis enlargement devices include: Sizegenetics or the SizePro System.

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